How To Make Best Resin Coaster (Step by Step Tutorial)

Have you worked on the resin coaster before? If not then let’s learn how to make a resin coaster in 6 easy steps. Materials you would need to make a resin coaster Premium Epoxy Art Resin Resin Coaster Mold Mixing Cups Digital Weight Scale Ice-Cream Sticks Nitrile Gloves Highlighter (optional) 1. Calculate the Resin Requirement  […]

Best Alcohol Ink Artists In The World That You Should Follow! (Part 1)

Artist Photo with pink background

Hey Guys! We hope all of you reading this are doing well and having a fabulous start to this new year! Well, this blog is for all you up-and-coming alcohol ink artists and those of you who want to find the perfect mentor for yourself in the world of alcohol ink art. Whichever field we […]

Difference Between Inspiration & Plagiarism In The Art Space

Introduction   Hey there dear artists! Today we are going to address a very important topic which we feel a lot of artists want to know our opinions upon. Plagiarism is a real issue nowadays, not just in the art space but it exists everywhere & in every field. A lot of alcohol ink artists […]

Alcohol Ink Art – Myth V/S Facts

Intro Hey there dear artists, today we’re going to talk about the myths and facts about alcohol ink art. Our non-artist friends and many times even we as artists believe in a lot of myths about alcohol ink art and in this blog we hope to debunk all the myths that we or other people […]

Best Alcohol Ink Art Techniques

Introduction Hey guys! We`re back with another useful blog for you lovely artists out there, in this blog we are going to learn how to create beautiful alcohol ink artworks using various amazing alcohol ink art techniques! There are many techniques coming up in this blog that y`all might hear for the first time so […]

Top Indian Alcohol Ink Artists You Should Follow

Intro Hey Guys! We hope all of you reading this are doing well and having fun with alcohol inks! Well this blog is for all you up and coming alcohol ink artists out there. Whichever field we are in, be it tech, finance, marketing etc, we all need a reference point and someone to look […]

How To Get Started With Alcohol Ink Art – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

What Is Alcohol Ink Art? Alcohol Ink Art is a relatively new form of fluid art that is said to have originated in the United States of America and has gained a lot of popularity worldwide recently. In Alcohol Ink Art, alcohol inks are used to create beautiful and awe-striking pieces of art bringing the artist`s majestic […]

NARA – Our Story & an Open Letter to “You”

What is NARA? For those of you who don’t know, NARA is a company fully dedicated to making the lives of all alcohol ink artists easier and providing them with a platform to showcase their incredible talent. We work closely with Alcohol Ink Artists around the world in order to better understand the various problems they face and […]