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Difference Between Inspiration & Plagiarism In The Art Space

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Hey there dear artists! Today we are going to address a very important topic which we feel a lot of artists want to know our opinions upon. Plagiarism is a real issue nowadays, not just in the art space but it exists everywhere & in every field. A lot of alcohol ink artists whom we know have a very unique style and just by looking at the artwork we can understand which artist has created that particular piece of art. There are many great artists out there who have mastered and absolutely aced the alcohol ink artform.

But with great success a lot of issues also arise, one of them being plagiarism, naturally when you are the best a lot of people want to be like you and a lot of people try to recreate your artwork. Yes some might never be able to replicate what you do because what you create is very special but there are some people out there who have the capability of copying your style because they are extremely talented but they lack originality and whether copying someone’s style is right or wrong is what we are going to discuss. Let’s dive right in!

Is it right to take inspiration from an artist’s work?


Well, the answer is yes & no. Let me explain – so according to me it’s absolutely not a problem if you want to recreate an artwork which one of your favourite alcohol ink artists has created but only as long as you take the artwork as an inspiration. If you just vaguely copy the artwork with the intention of getting some fame, likes and stealing credit for conceptualizing, creating the artwork and making money out of it then that’s absolutely wrong.

Taking inspiration from something is a really good thing but then your artwork should have your own magical touch to it. Obviously alcohol ink art is a fluid art form so it’s next to impossible to recreate something exactly as it is but still attempting to copy someone’s creation or unique style is not right. There is value only for the exclusive things in life so always make sure your work is original and that it stands out in a world full of amazing alcohol ink artists.

How to find your own style?

There are many ways to do this and it’s not that difficult at all. Finding your own style is all about trial and error, sincere hard work and the most important thing is adding a bit of yourself into your art. That’s what will make you unique. You should put your heart and soul into what you are creating, you should convey your story through your art. Alcohol ink art is something that helps us set all our worldly worries aside and spend time with ourselves doing what we love, reflecting and focusing only on the good and positive things in life. A ton of people, including me, absolutely love it when an artist puts a bit of themself into their artwork or shares his story through his/her artwork.

You should also try out various art techniques, take inspiration from your favourite artists, don’t be afraid of just picking up your inks and paper and creating something abstract, you never know how beautiful and amazing the outcome might be. You might end up creating a masterpiece! Explore everything and see what you love the most, once you find the technique or method you love keep working on perfecting and improving it and the most important point I would like to add is do not treat art like a job, enjoy it, have fun with alcohol inks and yes always take necessary precautions like wearing a mask and working in a well ventilated area while working with alcohol inks.

Apart from that, always think outside the box, set yourself free from all your worries and just imprint all your vivid and beautiful imaginations onto the surface you are painting on using your favourite alcohol ink colors. Trust me you will end up creating some of your best work till date. Also, it’s not always necessary that you follow the traditional ways of alcohol ink painting, sometimes you can just experiment and do what your heart likes.

Follow some of the best alcohol ink artists like Anne Roos, Polina, Anuja Aggarwal, Tammy Hayes and many more! Seeing their beautiful artworks in your feed everyday will subconsciously generate a lot of creative ideas and inspire you in the back of your mind. You will really learn a lot! But if you are taking inspiration from someone, always make it a point to credit them for it, even they will feel good and as I mentioned earlier there is a very thin line between inspiration and plagiarism if you are using the same composition, same colors and creating the exact same atwork at least make it a point to credit them for the same.

Final thoughts


It’s so amazing to see how the world is changing, people are starting to value handmade art more and more especially if it’s something as unique and exquisite as alcohol ink art which can never be recreated. People have started to value the artist’s hard work and pay a good price if an artwork is special and has originality. Hence, it’s ever so important to have your own style and trust me you can make a lot of money just for your originality.

So the bottom line is BE YOU! Keep experimenting and improving, enjoy what you are doing and you will always achieve great success. Finally if you liked the blog and you do not follow us on Instagram & Facebook yet do follow us to have a look at some of the best alcohol ink artworks from some of the best alcohol ink artists. Along with that you will also get all the latest updates regarding all the ongoing offers and sale of our premium alcohol ink products!

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