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Artist Of The Month (February 2023)

Hi. I’m Claudia.

By day, I work in the long-term care/retirement sector as an employee educator and student placement support coordinator, and by night I’m an artist and middle-grade author. Besides painting and writing I love reading and being outdoors, especially going on camping road trips with our rooftop tent. The many amazing places we’ve set up camp are where I get most of my painting inspiration from. If I could live outdoors, on the road, 24/7 I would. One of these days I swear I’ll sell everything and do just that!

I’ve been a dabbler most of my life when it comes to painting and I first discovered alcohol inks at the start of the pandemic, while working with resin. I absolutely adored the way they shifted and moved in the resin all on their own, creating vibrant and magical designs. Then one day, I decided to try painting with them and discovered they basically do their own thing on paper just like in resin! It’s what I love most about them: that they have a mind of their own. This works well with the intuitive nature of my work and I find the whole process to be very liberating. The blends and textures and fades they create are out of this world and I’ve been in love from the very first time I tried them!

– Claudia

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