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How To Fight Humidity While Working With Alcohol Inks

How To Fight Humidity While Working With Alcohol Inks

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Are you an art enthusiast fascinated by the beauty of alcohol inks? These captivating pigments can weave intricate masterpieces, there’s a problem that often stands in the way of your creative pursuits : Humidity. Yes, the very moisture that lends life to nature’s greens and blooms can be a bane when it comes to working with alcohol inks. In today’s blog, let’s see why humidity and alcohol inks don’t mix well, and how you can still make great artworks even when they team up against you.


Imagine this you are all set to use alcohol inks and are ready to witness those vibrant colours blend and fuse into a masterpiece. But wait, the humidity in the air has other plans. High humidity does two things to mess with your art:

1. Stops the Flow : Alcohol inks like to move and mix smoothly, forming appealing patterns that are a treat for the eyes. However, when humidity levels are rising, these inks tend to resist your artistic commands. They stick together and don’t flow seamlessly.


2. Speedy Drying : Humidity might be a boon behind lush forests and flourishing gardens, but it becomes a bane for alcohol inks. It makes the ink dry really fast. While quick drying might sound good, it’s actually a problem. You don’t get enough time to play around and make your art look the way you want.

How to Beat the Humidity Challenge

Now that we know the problem, let’s figure out how to make it better:

  1. Use the AC : If you have an air conditioner, it’s your humidity-fighting friend. Turn it on about half an hour before you dive into your creative zone, and keep it on while you work. The cool, dry air from the AC helps fight the excess moisture, so your inks can flow better and dry at a normal pace.

  1. Plan Ahead : Before you start, take a moment to assess the weather. Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity in the air. If the humidity is still really high, it’s recommended to wait for a better day. Trying to work when it’s too humid can be frustrating.

  1. Be patient : If postponing your creative session isn’t an option, exercise patience. Work in smaller sections, allowing yourself the time to manipulate the inks before they dry. This way, the inks won’t dry too quickly, and you can make them look the way you want.

In the world of alcohol inks, humidity might be a tough opponent, but with the right tricks, you can win the battle. Remember, art is all about learning and trying new things. Your art will shine, no matter the weather!

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