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Alcohol Ink Art – Myth V/S Facts

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Hey there dear artists, today we’re going to talk about the myths and facts about alcohol ink art. Our non-artist friends and many times even we as artists believe in a lot of myths about alcohol ink art . So in this blog we hope to debunk all the myths that we or other people in general might have.

It’s always important to know what’s a myth and what’s a fact or else these myths keep spreading and eventually the whole world starts believing in a myth rather than knowing what the actual truth is. Like most things in the world alcohol ink art is also a victim of some myths so let’s address them!

Myth 1 – Alcohol Ink Art Is Just Moving The Inks Randomly.

Alcohol Ink Art with brush

Well, well, this is a very controversial one! We know that this statement really angers all you amazing and talented alcohol ink artists out there because it’s just not true. The worst part is that a lot of people actually believe that alcohol ink art is just about moving inks randomly. What they don’t realize is that alcohol ink art is much more intricate than just moving inks on a surface. Just look at the beautiful artwork above created by our lovely and supremely talented artist Anne Roos, does it look like she has just spread inks on the paper randomly? Absolutely not! Look how gorgeous it looks!

Alcohol ink art takes a lot of talent, skill, and practice to perfect. It is a form of art that requires a lot of patience and endurance to master. Nobody can start creating mind-blowing artworks from day 1 itself. Alcohol ink art is about expressing yourself freely without the fear of being judged, it’s a way to escape your troubles and find peace. It’s amazing how every alcohol ink artwork that an artist creates is unique and beautiful in its own way. This art form requires immense skill, some alcohol ink techniques take years to perfect and the marble-esque effect that alcohol inks give is just breathtaking! The artists deserve more respect and recognition for this.

Also, one special thing about alcohol ink artworks is that you can never recreate an artwork or masterpiece again because it’s a free-flowing artform and recreating something again is next to impossible, we feel that’s what makes every alcohol ink artwork unique and precious.

Myth 2 – Isopropyl Alcohol & Blending Solution Are The Same Thing.

Blending Solution and Isopropyl Alcohol Solution

Many people believe that IPA & blending solutions serve the same purpose of mixing the inks with each other and diluting them but that’s not really true. Isopropyl alcohol and blending solutions do have some things in common but there are differences as well which are important to know.

Isopropyl alcohol is used to dilute inks, spread the inks, it is used to blend them together and if you use our NARA stain-free synthetic papers you can also use it to erase or make changes to your artwork by applying some of it to your artwork and then wiping it off using a piece of cloth. Additionally, IPA is also used to clean your workspace as your work desk or floor might get really messy with all the ink splatters and drops.

Blending solutions on the other hand mainly serve the main purpose of blending the inks nicely with each other. They are used to move the inks over the surface and can also be used to bring the dried-up inks to life again if you need to change anything in your artwork.

The main difference between IPA and the blending solution is that when you use IPA to blend the inks they tend to over dilute the inks which leads to noticeable changes in the shades of the inks, the shades become very light and hence they do not give the desired results and colors. Meanwhile, when you use blending solutions they retain the original shade of the inks and thus the artwork remains vibrant. Thus, always use blending solutions to blend in your inks and IPA for diluting your inks and making changes to your artworks made on NARA stain-free paper.

Myth 3 – There’s no scope in pursuing alcohol ink art full time as a profession.

Online Workshops

This one is simply not true anymore, maybe a few years back we would have slightly agreed but today after the immense growth of the alcohol ink art community, the exposure that this beautiful art form has gotten, and the ever-growing globalization of alcohol ink art has become a great career option. Who wouldn’t like to turn their favorite hobby into their profession?

There are many people out there in the world who understand art, admire art, and are willing to pay the right price! You can nowadays put up your artwork for sale in virtual online exhibitions and connect with buyers across the globe sitting within the comfort of your home. We at NARA have also come up with services to help our artists ship their artworks internationally without the hassle of getting paperwork done, paying huge fees, etc. (Currently only available for Indian artists). DM us on Instagram, Whatsapp, or write to us at [email protected] to know more.

Not just that, you can also make a lot of money by sharing your alcohol ink art knowledge with the talented up-and-coming artists by taking workshops! We also help artists by giving them a platform on our website to list their workshops. We do not charge any fee for this because all NARA cares about is your growth and prosperity as an artist, we’re not just here to do business we’re here to guide and support each one of you! So do not think too much and list your workshop with us today!

There is no doubt that today alcohol ink art is a great career option and you can genuinely turn it into your profession. If you are really passionate about alcohol ink art we would say go for it! We are here to support and guide you!

Myth 4 – Alcohol ink art can only be done on synthetic papers and YUPO is the only alcohol ink paper.

NARA Black Synthetic paper, Clock, Shapes, Coasters

Alcohol Ink Art can be done on any non-porous surface like synthetic papers, MDF boards, acrylic clocks & coasters, ceramic mugs and tiles, and even concrete! Different surfaces give you different beautiful effects and they look very eye-catching. We have noticed that many alcohol ink artists have never explored the possibility of creating alcohol ink artworks on any other surface apart from the synthetic papers, we would definitely recommend that y’all explore various other surfaces and have fun with alcohol inks.

NARA has a wide range of premium alcohol ink art products like stain-free paper, MDF boards, NARA shapes, NARA journals, NARA Pads, acrylic clocks & coasters, etc. We also provide 48 vibrant shades of premium inks. If you feel like giving a try to new surfaces you can definitely try some of our products mentioned above.

Also, one other thing that we noticed was that many people feel that YUPO is the only alcohol ink art paper that exists in the market and that’s the only good brand of synthetic paper. Because YUPO has been around for such a long time alcohol ink art paper and YUPO have become synonymous, people tend to refer to synthetic alcohol ink art paper as YUPO paper, yes YUPO is a good alcohol ink paper but now you have a lot of better options available now one of them being our very own NARA stain-free alcohol ink art paper.

NARA synthetic alcohol ink art paper as we mentioned unlike YUPO and other papers in the alcohol ink art space is absolutely 100% stain-free, water and tear-resistant. The biggest advantage of using paper is that you can completely wipe off the inks from the paper using IPA and a piece of cloth. To add to this we have an amazing customer care team that is always there to help you out in case you face any issues with our products.

Myth 5 – Alcohol Inks are injurious to health.

Safety Equipment's

Well, this topic has gained a lot of heat and hype recently so what’s NARA’s take on it? To be very honest we can’t say that alcohol inks are not injurious to health because they do have harmful chemicals in them but the truth is that if one takes proper precautions you are totally safe and you can enjoy this beautiful and therapeutic form of art without worrying about anything.

If you are careless and overdo things even harmless things can harm you, for eg too much sugar or your favorite sweets and chocolates can cause diabetes which does not have a cure by the way. Overeating your favorite food can cause obesity and increases your risk of heart failure. In Fact, if you even drink too much water it can cause hyponatremia which can be life-threatening. This doesn’t mean you stop eating your favorite sweets, stop eating your favorite food or stop drinking water, instead, you should take precautions and do everything in moderation. So basically, everything has two sides to it, the same goes for alcohol ink art.

Alcohol inks are toxic, yes, but if you work in a well-ventilated place, wear a proper respirator mask and gloves and if you take care of your safety properly you will always remain safe and you will be able to enjoy your favorite artform without any worry! We would always want our artists to follow all the necessary safety precautions and we highly recommend it, so if you are not following these precautions start practicing it TODAY!


We really hope you found this blog useful and had a lot of your doubts and myths debunked. Once again we would like to insist that please take proper precautions while working with alcohol inks. Lastly, we would like to remind you once again that we are here for you, anytime you face difficulty in your alcohol ink art journey you can get in touch with us. We’re always here for you. Cheers!

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