NARA®️ Canvas

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Some Key Features:-

  • Pre-Primed Canvas
  • For Alcohol Ink Art
  • Available in different sizes
  • Customized Sizes are also available






  • What is NARA Canvas?

Nara Canvases are premium pre-primed canvases, ideal for Alcohol Ink and Acrylic painting. 


  • How to use canvas?

Using our canvas, you don’t need to prime it forehand before you work on it. You can directly use the canvas once removed from the packaging as it is already pre-primed. 


  • Is this canvas Pre Primed?

Nara Canvas is pre-primed and hence it is ready to use, which makes it ideal for artists to avoid the hassle of priming it before use. 


  • Difference between unprimed canvas and pre-primed canvas

Unprimed canvas is hard to work with as it soaks the paints and you need to apply several coats. While Pre-primed canvas gives a smooth surface to work as it becomes impermeable. 


  • What mediums can you use on Canvas? 

You can use it for a variety of mediums such as Alcohol ink, Acrylic ink, Gouache, Oil paints, etc. 



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