NARA Blending Solution


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  • 1 bottle
  • Quantity- 15ml



What is a blending Solution?

A blending solution is a transparent alcohol-based solution that seamlessly mixes with your alcohol inks, allowing you to work for a longer time and more smoothly with the medium.


What is the function of the Alcohol Blending Solution?

  • Blends the inks together smoothly to produce stunning patterns and new colored tones.
  • Increases the amount of time spent working with the inks.
  • Effortlessly removes ink off hands and other surfaces.
  • The ink’s fluidity is also improved.


What is the difference between the Blending solution and IPA?

Blending solutions mainly serve the main purpose of blending moving the inks nicely with each other. With the blender, almost effortlessly you can get soft transition lines, whereas with isopropyl alcohol you will have to race the clock against harder lines of evaporation.