NARA Hexa | Hexagon Shape Alcohol Ink Art Paper | White and Black

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Some Key Features:-

  • Stain-Free Paper
  • Microns Available:- 275
  • Hexagon synthetic paper for alcohol ink painting
  • 9” diameter
  • 6 hexagon sheets of NARA Classic White
  • 4 hexagon sheets of NARA Black


The NARA Hexa is hexagon paper for alcohol ink painting. It is been designed in collaboration with renowned artist Anuja Aggarwal. NARA is the first company internationally to sell pre-cut hexagon-shaped synthetic papers for alcohol ink painting. The NARA Hexa is a pack of 10 synthetic paper sheets which contains 6 sheets of white hexagons and 4 sheets of black hexagons. Sheets are also available in precut shapes like round, square, and rectangles.


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  • What are Synthetic Papers?

Synthetic Paper is a very smooth surface that helps alcohol inks to flow and spread perfectly on them. These papers are recommended for doing alcohol ink art. 


  • What are microns and what do they signify?

Microns mean the thickness of the paper. NARA offers papers in 3 microns which are 275, 330, and 430. 


  • How can I decide which micron paper suits my requirement?

Generally speaking, 275 microns is the most preferred substrate as it is sufficiently thick and also price competitive, 330 microns is used when an artist is looking for something stiffer. 430 microns is preferred when there is a use of a lot of heat to dry the inks, a lot of beginners start their work from 330 microns and 430 microns.


  • Can I customize NARA Papers according to my needs?

Yes, NARA Papers are customizable according to different sizes and microns. You can message or email us for any customization.


  • What is the difference between stain-free and regular paper?

Stain-Free means that the inks can be wiped off the paper and you can begin working on your artwork once again. Whereas in the regular paper the stain cannot be wiped off easily.


  • Is NARA paper a YUPO alternative?

Yes, NARA is a better YUPO Alternative as it does not stain.

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