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☑️ Water & Tear-Proof: Nara Tree-free Reusable Notebook for your convenient writing, which is also Water and Tear-Proof. You can write endlessly and clean it off for repetitive usage.

☑️ Write: We provide a 2 NARA Erasable Pen for free with each book. You can use any pen, marker, or highlighter from the FriXion Pen collection as this works with our specialized pages.

☑️ Scan: You can scan the written matter using any scanner app available on your device and store it for your future use.

☑️ Erase: Let the ink dry for 10-15 seconds in order to eliminate smudging. Erase the matter using an eraser provided at the tip of the pen or use any wet damp cloth as per your convenience. You get a fresh page each time you erase the matter.

☑️ What’s in the box? : It includes 1 Nara ReUsable Notebook, NARA Erasable pen/1 Pilot Frixion Pen for free and also a microfiber cloth.

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nara reusable notebook

Write – Scan – Erase – Reuse

You can Write on these books endlessly, Scan & save whatever you wish, then erase & reuse it all over again for years & years.

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A4, A5


Tangerine, Teal Blue, Coral Pink, Space Black