NARA Erasable Pens.




NARA Erasable Pens provide a smooth writing experience for your daily writing habits. The best part of this pen is that it is Erasable hence you can Write-Erase-Write and continue this cycle endlessly. NARA Erasable pen writes smoothly, erases completely and leaves no stains. The heat sensitive ink technology allows the ink to be erased by friction and heat, and an eraser provided at the tip of the pen erases the ink clean. It could be used by every individual to get to perfection without wasting pages.

– NARA ERASABLE PENS provides a 0.7mm tip to write smoothly, efficiently and error-free. It works like a regular gel pen with added benefits.
– NARA ERASABLE TWISTER GEL PEN also has a good grip to write conveniently and end up being perfect.
– These pens could be used for a variety of applications such as solving math, doing homework, household stuffs, playing tic-tac-toe, sudoku, etc. and doodling till perfection and a lot more applications. Waste no paper and end up writing clean and error-free.
– The heat sensitive ink allows it to be removed by friction or heat and leaves the surface smudge free. The eraser provides a clean finish at the end of writing.