NARA Pastel Alcohol Inks

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Some Key Features:-

  • Pastel Alcohol inks
  • Made especially for Black Surfaces
  • Bright and mellow shades of alcohol ink
  • 6 pastel inks for Alcohol Ink Art


NARA has a wide range of 48 shades of alcohol inks consisting of vibrant and mellow colors. The alcohol inks are fluid in nature and can be used on any nonporous surfaces like synthetic paper, acrylic surfaces, glass, primed canvas, ceramic mugs, and many more! We offer the perfect acrylic clocks and coasters. Among the 48 shades of alcohol ink, we have 6 Pastel Shades that are just perfect to be used on Black surfaces like the NARA Black. We also have a set of 3 fixatives – Gold, White, and Silver that are extremely loved by the artists. These metallic inks go just perfect with the NARA Synthetic Papers. Have a look at all our swatches on YouTube.


  • What is Pastel Alcohol Inks? 

 Alcohol inks are alcohol-based inks that dry quickly and are highly pigmented. They may be used on any hard, non-porous surface, including synthetic paper, canvas, acrylic surfaces, ceramic, glass, etc.


  • What kind of medium is compatible with Alcohol ink?

Alcohol Ink is compatible with non-porous surfaces such as Synthetic Paper, glass, coasters, canvas, etc. It cannot be used on normal paper as these are porous and the Alcohol Ink would be absorbed easily by the normal paper. 


  • What can you create with these inks?

You can create intricate paintings, abstract paintings, or any other forms of paintings which could be done with fluid paints. 


  • How much time does it take for alcohol inks to dry?

Alcohol Inks are Fast-drying, once you pour the ink on the surface, the alcohol dries off instantly leaving behind the colors. It may look dry to touch but it is suggested to wait for at least a few hours before you process it for further actions such as sealing.


  • What precautions you should be taking while working with Alcohol Inks?

We recommend using safety measures while working with them such as working in a ventilated space, wearing gloves and a respiratory mask, etc.


You can check out some beautiful work on our YouTube and Instagram pages!

Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] for any customizations or help!

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