NARA®️ CUSTOMIZE Alcohol Ink Art Journal


Nara Alcohol Ink Art Journals –

  • White synthetic paper for alcohol ink painting
  • Synthetic paper wiro bound book
  • Front cover can be customised according to your wish!
  • Gift this journal to your alcohol ink artist friend.
  • NARA Journal is available in the size A4 with 20 sheets.
  • Can be customised in your desired shape and size upto 60”.


Have you ever felt like you needed to keep all your alcohol ink masterpieces in a book? Have you ever felt you needed something like a journal for alcohol ink painting? Well, we have made it possible for you! The NARA Journal is a journal for alcohol ink painting, consisting of 20 sheets i.e. 40 pages front and back. You can customise if you want white sheets or black sheets.


We haven’t even disclosed the best thing yet! You can customise the design of the front cover of the NARA Journal as per your liking. It is the perfect gift for your  alcohol ink artist friend. You can watch this beautiful review video by Artist Tammy Hayes. You can also explore some beautiful artworks made by some of our artists on our #narajournal


Please feel free to get in touch with us at for any customisations or help!



NARA has a wide range of 48 shades of alcohol inks consisting of vibrant and mellow colors. The alcohol inks are fluid in nature and can be used on any non-porous surfaces like synthetic paper, acrylic surfaces, glass, primed canvas, ceramic mugs, and many more! We offer the perfect acrylic clocks and coasters. Among the 48 shades of alcohol ink, we have 6 Pastel Shades that are just perfect to be used on Black surfaces like the NARA Black. We also have a set of 3 mixatives – Gold, White, and Silver that are extremely loved by the artists. These metallic inks go just perfect with the NARA Synthetic Papers. Have a look at all our swatches on YouTube

You can check out some beautiful work on our YouTube and Instagram page!

Please feel free to get in touch with us at for any customizations or help!

– 20 Sheets/40 pages to paint
– A4 size
– 275 microns sheets.
– Personalised Front cover.
– After you make your purchase, an email will be sent to you where you can upload your artwork for the front cover.

(Some inks and batches of certain brands are highly pigmented which might lead to staining on the NARA Paper)

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Also, please note – All prices mentioned for international locations are in American Dollars (USD).

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