NARA Shapes | Customized Shapes for Alcohol Ink Art | 6″ x 6″ in Dimension | Buy Now


  • Shapes are made on NARA Slim surface and of 6 x 6″ in size.
  • White in colour.
  • Flexibility of paper, sturdiness of a board.
  • Butterfly, Sunflower, Cat and Maple Leaf shape available (Contact us for customisation)
  • Shapes for alcohol ink painting.

Bored of painting with alcohol ink on the same old traditional shapes? Well, we are here with an amazing alternative for you! We call it the NARA Shapes! NARA Shapes are available in pre-cut shapes of Butterfly, Cat, Maple and A Sunflower. The material that is used is called NARA Slim that has the flexibility of a paper and the sturdiness of a board. You can stick it on the wall or any flat surface using a double sided tape, or you can gift it to your loved ones. We are more than happy to make custom shapes for you, all you need to do is get in touch with us via email


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Butterfly, Maple Leaf, Cat, Sunflower, Halloween Pumpkin, Ghost, Skull, Witch Hat, Bat