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Introduction To NARA

NARA is a fine brand of speciality papers conceived for every person who wants to express their creativity.

Are you an Alcohol Ink Artist, Resin Artist, Water Color Painting Specialist, Sketch Artist or one who has just started to express his creativity we just have the right paper for you.

We are here to provide a world-class experience -We believe that every art has the artist’s emotions and soul buried deep inside, so we would love to preserve your art for ever, and that’s the reason why we offer water resistant and tear resistant papers.

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I really enjoy working with inks on these papers. The papers are affordable, the inks flow easily to create beautiful fades and the quality is top notch . The best part they come in different shapes and sizes!
Nikita Thakur
Working on Nara synthetic paper for alcohol inks is a pure joy! The inks flow freely without leaving any spots. The results came out beautiful and unique every single time! Really like playing with alcohol inks on this synthetic paper because of how unpredictable they can be!
I have been painting on Alcohol Ink for few months now and was using a particular brand papers. Recently tried Nara Synthetic Paper and they are amazing to paint on.The colors come out super vibrant on these papers. One of best thing about these papers are that they never buckle or bloat, which in turn help me add as much ink/blending solution to my art work. It easy to wipe with no stain left on it. I generally use heating tools for my art work but there is no effect on the paper shape. It does not warps at all. I have worked on 220, 275 and 330 micron papers. My preference is 275 microns it neither very heavy nor very light. Nara paper are apt for beginner as well as professional alcohol ink artist. I highly recommend it.
I had a chance to try these amazing papers by Narapapers. Loved the way the alcohol inks reacted and responded to these papers. It was great experience. Now waiting to try out their other products. I would definitely like other artists working with alcohol inks to try out these papers. My best wishes to Narapapers for their new endeavor.❤♥
Swapnaja Mohite